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Groupe SNEF is an independent provincial company. We are founded on the principles of responsibility, high standards, humility and respect. Our organizations are simple and our managers in the field.

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We are committed to a dynamic of continuous progress


Groupe SNEF Companies and Core Business

logo SNEF
Electrical engineering

SNEF is the lead company of the Group. It encompasses all historic businesses of the Group: electrotechonology, industrial processes (instrumentation, control systems, automation), IT professions and telecommunications, service maintenance and environmental engineering.

logo SNEF Power Services

Born from the fusion of SNEF’s Nuclear activities with APS’ (ex Alstom) branch of activity specializing in electrical auxiliaries, taken over from General Electric, SNEF Power Services specializes in Electrical trades, Instrumentation, and Safety for the Nuclear Industry.

logo SNEF Telecom

Our subsidiary SNEF Telecom specializes in the construction and maintenance of telecommunications networks for operators, tower companies, equipment manufacturers and businesses.

Industry 4.0

SNEF LAB was created around SNEF Technologies, in the industrial IT and cybersecurity sectors; SNEF Audiovisuel; Mios, for connected objects; Predict, specializing in predictive maintenance algorithms; Sequor, an Industry 4.0 software publisher; and of Brinel, IT architect.

logo EKIUM
Engineering, Automations & Consulting

In 2017, Groupe SNEF acquired a stake in EKIUM, alongside three of its founders. Since then, EKIUM has consolidated its positions with the takeover of Ateim, DI and Chleq Froté to become, with ISO Ingénierie, a company specialized in risk analysis, the local multi-technical engineering leader in the Industry sector.

logo Fouré Lagadec
Mechanical Engineering

Fouré Lagadec was born on the Port of Le Havre. The company was founded on the same demand driven principle upheld by SNEF, inspired by the trades of the Navy and the Industry, in particular of the Refining, Petrochemicals, and Steel Industries.


Firac is a historic company of Groupe SNEF. It has developed know-how in the fields of industrial automation, handling and later on robotics. It became a recognized player in the Automotive, Aerospace and more generally in the Industry sectors.

logo Watt Design & Build
Design & Layout of office spaces

Watt Design & Build is a Groupe SNEF’s creation. The company was born out of a meeting with its facilitator. Starting from the observation that technical work packages were taking an increasingly important place in the realization of office and retail complexes, Groupe SNEF wished to position itself as a turnkey contractor.


We have an agency network coverage spread over four Country Clusters:

  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa
  • Latin America
Carte de France Groupe SNEF
Carte du Monde Groupe SNEF
Carte du Monde Groupe SNEF


Independence, Sustainability, Proximity and Vision


Independent albeit under rigorous governance


Fiscal Year Analysis

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Group SNEF continues his to progress of its revenue to 18%, to reach €1,566 million. With an EBITDA of €104 million, the Group’s operating income remains positive, although down sharply compared to 2019. The Order Book stood at 1.8 billion euros, 2% higher than last year. Our activity is back to a nominal growth rate.