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A French independent leader and a recognized player in the sectors of Energy, Industrial Processes, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Groupe SNEF designs, develops and integrates multi-technical solutions


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OMNIUM Service favored by banks

OMNIUM Service favored by banks

News January 2016

As part of the construction of the headquarters of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) in Abeche, Chad, OMNIUM Service, a subsidiary of Groupe SNEF, was commissioned to handle the electrical engineering, low voltage and environmental engineering work packa- ges, as well as the "green energy" portion (water treatment and photo- voltaics) of the works.

Thanks to its know-how in this field and its previous realizations for the BEAC in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) and Moundou (Chad), OMNIUM Service was entrusted by Arab Contractor Chad with the deployment of global solutions, from design to commissioning. Despite strong logistical constraints (transit in Cameroon leading to significant delays), the project will be delivered by the end of the month.
SNEF, a Dunkirk Carnival partner

SNEF, a Dunkirk Carnival partner

News in February 2016

It's been almost 25 years since SNEF's first volunteers joined Quat'Z'Arts, a philanthropic association founded in Dunkirk in 1921. This association has for mission to help those most in need through donations collected during its famous ball which opens the Dunkirk Carnival season. This year's edition of the 2016 Dunkirk Carnival started on February 17.

Driven by the same spirit of sharing and charity, several SNEF employees joined the initiative, which brings nearly 10,000 people together each year. Enjoying the Group's good reputation in the Dunkirk's region, SNEF naturally mobilized local actors to modernize Quat'Z'Arts' traditional ball and appeal to new audiences. SNEF leveraged its technical know-how to build sets and provide power to the site -- in strict compliance with safety rules. A great opportunity for SNEF's employees to proudly display the colors of the Group.
A maintenance partnership since 1993 !

A maintenance partnership since 1993 !

News March 2016

SNEF Gabon's, a Groupe SNEF's subsidiary, was awarded the renewal of a maintenance contract for a 3 year period. It includes the management and maintenance of Shell's commu- nication systems and network infrastructures in Gabon. Multi-technical teams are at work 24/7 on the various Shell Gabon sites. They maintain equipment availability and continuity...

of services, ensuring extremely short response and recovery times.

SNEF Gabon has been providing a SLA *> 99% since the beginning of the year. The management of this contract in the petrochemical field and in a hostile environment requires the implementation and monitoring of sophisticated safety rules. By conforming to Shell's "12 survival rules" -- which sole purpose is 0 accidents -- it is daily that the teams show SNEF is up to the challenge. A long-term collaboration that values ​​the expertise displayed by the local SNEF Gabon teams, and asserts its position as a major player in the telecommunications sector for over twenty years now.


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A French independent leader...

A French independent leader and a recognized player in the sectors of Energy, Industrial Processes, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Groupe SNEF designs, develops and integrates multi-technical solutions.

With a background in the demanding world of the Navy and the Industry, Groupe SNEF's culture is driven by a flair for technique, a job well done and a sense for customer service. Rigor, the desire to improve, the spirit of initiative, the art of listening and a sense of responsibility are the driving forces behind 110 years of a history marked by technological advances.

Our industrial culture has allowed us to develop highly technical know-hows as well as the ability to intervene in any environment -- even hostile -- with a high criticality level and within short deadlines. Site preparation, tasks scheduling and the perfect knowledge of occupational gestures make us a reliable player.

At SNEF's, we all embrace our motto "SNEF, and proud to be a part of it"; it is a pledge of commitment and involvement. A company with human values and a great capacity for adaptation, SNEF is resolutely looking forward to the future.


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Olivier B.

QHSE Director


We have been pursuing a proactive accident prevention policy for many years now. The different actions were implemented and included better site preparation, the provision of efficient protection equipment, the limitation of hazardous tasks through extensive workshops and training days, and the deployment of a project management method: Operational Excellence...

Today, these good practices allowed us to successfully combine safety, customer satisfaction and performance; we also reduced work-related accidents by 25% in 2014.

Camille N.

Head of the Project Management Office

The management of large projects,
a driving force behind success!

The success of a project often lies in our ability to define where we are going, how we will get there and above all to know, at any time, where we stand.

To achieve this, we have deployed a process to provide support to operational teams during the different phases of a project. This method, developed according to international...

project management standards, enables us to optimize operational conditions.

In fact, assessing needs and obligations, meeting project milestones, scheduling, and identifying risks as well as opportunities, are all steps that defines the basis of project management in our Group.

Nicolas V.

Director SNEF Maintenance

Maintenance &
Energy Efficiency

We are all too aware of the environmental footprint resulting from our activities; energy consumption combined with greenhouse gas emissions is an issue that concerns all actors of civil society, as well as those of the public and private sectors. To respond to our customers' performance expectations and actively address these shared environmental concerns, our...

Group has firmly committed to an eco-responsible policy, particularly in terms of energy efficiency.

Through our commitment to results, service and quality, our experts deploy customized energy solutions that are designed to sustainably maintain and optimize our clients' assets while improving user comfort.

Our technical expertise leads us to actively contribute to a more energy efficient economy, and to provide support to our customers from the audit and energy optimization phases to the environmental certification.