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Discover the ethical, environmental and societal commitments of Groupe SNEF

Our Values

A sense of accountability

We have autonomy to carry out our work, but always respecting the values built over time from our headquarters, which constitute the culture of our business around the world. The SNEF Group consistently applies the values of : Honesty, Integrity, Risk management and, Loyalty regarding management of actions and behavior. These values are used in all relations of the group such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, outsourced labor and also with the population of the communities where we operate.


Code of Ethic & commitments

We are committed to following OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) standards relating to anti-corruption and business ethics. Our code of ethics was approved by the Board of Directors and distributed to all group managers. We also have in our team a Compliance Officer to ensure that all procedures performed by our employees are in accordance with internal policy and the laws outside of the company.


Our environmental commitments

We are committed to sustainable development, implement global solutions that are environmentally friendly and optimize our customers' energy waste through eco-friendly devices. We are always worrying about protecting the environment, therefore we have chosen a systematic approach to limit and minimize the environmental impacts in all our projects.


Groupe SNEF code and commitments

We are committed to who contributes to the growth of our business as we want them to grow as well. We constantly invest in our employees, not only for the improvement of performance, but also to have them satisfied and glad to be part of our team. We also have a commitment to the communities where we operate. We work with the reduction of environmental impacts.

Our QHSE management

Quality/Safety/Environment are the values that forms the bedrock
of Groupe SNEF's management system, with a primary focus on :

The control of risks related
to our work
Customer satisfaction
Continuous performance improvement
reducing environmental

In order to guarantee the quality and continuous improvement of our business and always seeking excellence in our offered services, we have adopted an integrated management system with the focus on Quality, Safety, Environment and Health (QSMS).