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Groupe SNEF's Know-How

We do what we do with pleasure, excellence and knowledge. This is why, with more than 110 years in the market, the SNEF Group is now a reference in design and elaboration of engineering and infrastructure projects, equipment provision and multidisciplinary solutions. With experience in technical studies, engineering services (basic and executive), project management, supply, electromechanical and electrical installations, commissioning, operation and maintenance in the industry, tertiary, telecommunications and public sectors, the group became a French leader in the area of electrical installations.

SNEF Brasil operates in "EPC" projects for the energy (solar, hydro, thermal, biomass, among others), industry (automotive, cement, glass, food and pharmaceutical, etc), transport (subway, airport, port and Highway), offering all of its competence portfolio, which includes high voltage systems up to 500kV, medium voltage, low voltage, traction, energy capture systems (catenary and third rail), hydro mechanical, ventilation and lighting systems. Electrical, building and industrial automation.

With the acquisition of ENERG POWER, the SNEF Group strengthened and provided even more complete solutions.

SNEF Connect, a division of the group that offers its customers innovative solutions for an increasingly connected world, provides intelligent video surveillance systems, access control, voice communication systems, network and IT systems, sound and multimedia systems, video systems, detection systems, alarms and firefighting, as well as IoT (Internet of Thing) solutions for agribusiness, mining, oil and gas, energy and smart cities.

Complete and integrated solutions

From studies… to Maintenance

Our Markets

A multi-market expertise to better serve our customers ...

We constantly invest in innovation, knowledge and cutting-edge technology. We offer complete solutions, from studying to maintenance. With this very diverse portfolio of services and an unique service to all our clients SNEF seeks to achieve the satisfaction of each of them.


SNEF Brasil operates in all Energy markets. For Nuclear trades, SNEF Brasil has a dedicated network of specialized agencies, as well as Large Project teams to better assist its major customers, EDF, Areva and CEA. SNEF Brasil is also involved in Photovoltaics, Marine Renewable Energy and Hydropower.


SNEF offers indoor or outdoor solutions for public and private infrastructures. SNEF works with State or Local Authorities whenever public lighting, traffic management, Smart City and urban transport projects, buildings, parking lots or road infrastructure, and multi-technical skills are concerned. SNEF also plays an active role in port and airport infrastructures.

Tertiary Sector

Changes in work environments, the need for energy management, the safety and security of people and goods, computer science, and the connected objects revolution have put technical work packages at the core of buildings. SNEF Brasil has naturally established itself as a player in this transition, with the capacity to design and manage high and low voltage installations, as well as indoor climate engineering systems. SNEF Brasil brings a culture of high standards and technology to this rapidly evolving sector including health facilities, retail premises, office buildings and more generally to the service industry. SNEF Brasil can take on separate or comprehensive work packages, or act as a general contractor. Lastly, our management of multi-technical facilities maintenance and operations comes as an extension of our traditional activities.


For many years, SNEF Brasil has been a recognized player in a wide array of industries, ranging from Petrochemicals and Chemicals to the Steel Industry, and including not only the Automotive, Cement, and more broadly the Materials markets but also the Pharmaceutical and Agri-food sectors. With a great capacity for engineering and design, our lines of business have evolved from electrical engineering to mechanics, automation, instrumentation and command & control. SNEF Brasil has an extensive knowledge of the industry and a number of specialized teams.

Industry 4.0 (SEQUOR)

SNEF Brazil, through its subsidiary Sequor is providing the fundamental knowledge for many important corporations, supporting them with solutions and software tools that will make possible move from old style industry to the modern and connected Industry 4.0. Solutions such as Predictive Maintenance, Paperless Shop-Floor, SPC (statistical Process Control), among many other technologies are becoming a reality to our customers. Our multidisciplinary team with specialists in areas as Computing Science, engineering, Math, Physical and statistics, have being developing for the last 12 years high adherence solutions improving efficiency and minimizing loses and wasting. Our solutions can connect and make effective communication between the several departments of a company like Quality, Production, Maintenance. Our flexible and friendly programming platform assure that any solution will be modular and scalable, in an open programing environment providing total autonomy to our clients.
More information: www.sequor.com.br

Oil & Gas

Thanks to the expertise of MaxControl that operates in the Oil & Gas sector, SNEF Brasil now provides integrated turn-key or modularized solutions for Automation Systems (Processes, Security and Utilities), Instrumentation, Electrical, Industrial IT and Telecommunications for the whole chain of Petroleum and derivatives, involving Exploration, Production, Refining, Petrochemicals, Chemistry and Fuel Terminals.
More information: www.maxcontroltech.com.br

Innovating every challenge

Always generating solutions

In the midst of the digital age, the SNEF group created SNEF Connect: a division company responsible for developing innovative solutions to overcome current and future challenges. With the purpose of improving the quality of life of the population living in urban centers, SNEF Connect has implemented solutions for Smart Cities with the development of solutions for different sectors, from the environment to citizen services. For security, for instance, we have developed a system of smart and sensory monitoring cameras which provides some peace of mind to people, regarding safety. In the matter of mobility, we have created and produced tools to improve traffic, facilitate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians and also improve street parking. SNEF, which since its foundation has always been concerned with environmental issues and energy management, treats these areas as a priority. This way, solutions to control and regulate energy costs and reduce pollution are also available to our clients.

With this range of innovative services, SNEF Connect integrates the concepts of IoT (Connected objects), big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, smart cities, among other solutions to facilitate and have a positive impact on people's lives.


Ensure citizens tranquility

Energy optimization

Control and regulate power consumption


Fluidize urban traffic
Facilitate parking


Improve life quality
Reduce polution

Citizen services

Enhance users’ confort
Simplify public interactions

That's not all !

The SNEF Group also operates in mining, oil and gas and Agribusiness, with the same excellence of services and commitment as in all the other sectors where it is present. This way. We can diversify our performance without losing focus and quality.

Specialists in energy performance

We praise for social and environmental responsibility in the execution of our work. We have an ethical commitment to our customers and our employees.