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Diversity of our lines of business

Electrical Engineering is Groupe SNEF's core business. Throughout its history, SNEF has expanded its expertise to meet its customers' needs. The matrix below shows the scope of the Group's lines of business.


SNEF has become a reference brand in the Energy and Industrial Process sectors. The brand is carried by all our agencies. To promote specific expertise, some of the agencies are specialized and carry the following labels :

Groupe SNEF is a connected world player providing highly efficient and innovative solutions for data transmission, fire safety, security, energy efficiency (BTM/CTM) and industrial computing.

We oversee the entire project execution chain, from the initial design to the implementation of solutions ! SNEF Connect is at the heart of connected objects.

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SNEF Connect

SNEF Clim proposes high performance and environmentally friendly solutions in the Indoor Environmental Engineering (HVAC) field.

From design to completion and monitoring results, we bring you the best technical solutions at optimized costs. SNEF Clim has perfect command of the latest energy efficiency technologies.

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SNEF Maintenance offers solutions in the monitoring, maintenance and multi-technical operations of your facilities.

We are committed to work at your side in a sustainable and innovative way towards the enhancement of your assets, the optimization and energy mana- gement of your buildings, as well as the comfort of their occupants.

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SNEF Maintenance

Thanks to its outstanding experience in technical work packages, the teams at SNEF Design & Build will carry out your upgrade and renovation projects across all trades.

The overall management of projects (estimation, planning, monitoring, coor- dination) is the daily life of our specialists.

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SNEF Design & Build

With SNEF Telecom and its professional expertise in engineering, deployment, maintenance and operation of mobile and fixed communication networks, the Group has further consolidated its presence in the Telecommunication market. SNEF Telecom is now in a position to offer customized solutions and ensure the comprehensive management of your large projects.

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SNEF Telecom

The SNEF Nuclear brand bears witness to the Group’s ability to mobilize substantial resources, both qualified and certified in engineering, new constructions, mainte- nance and dismantling in the following fields of expertise : electrical installation, control systems, instrumentation, radiation protection, instrumentation and mechanics.

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SNEF Nuclear

Our areas of expertise

From Design… to Maintenance

Our project
management methods

Our network of agencies can carry out some 40,000 projects a year, ranging from a few million euros to over 100 million euros. For Large Projects, we have specialized Engineering & Design departments and teams. Large Projects may only be handled by authorized agencies. We have set up a work methodology, derived from our industrial know-how, on project preparation tools, planning, scheduling and commissioning, common to all our Projects Managers. This method, developed in accordance with international project management standards, enables us to optimize operational conditions and to speak the same language as our international customers. Our specialized staff will shortly be equipped with a digital solution to better enforce the application of the strict case monitoring methods. To coordinate this work, we have set up a Project Management Office.

Our markets

A multi-market expertise to better serve our customers ...

Maritime Sector
Cruising Industry
Oil & Gas
Cement &
Building Materials
Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
Food Processing
Manufacturing Industry
Builging and Services
Offices &
High-Rise Buildings
Hotels, Banking Sector
Luxury & Prestige
Health & Hospitals
Shopping Centers
Sports Complexes
Cultural Venues
Local Communities
Public Lighting
Urban Transportation
Optical Fiber
4G-5G Mobile &
Fixed Networks
Equipment Suppliers
Local Communities

Maritime Sector

SNEF's roots lie in the history of the Navy. Born in the Port of Marseille, SNEF is a key player in the maritime sector when it comes to naval, military or civil construction, to repair or maintenance in operational conditions. SNEF is a historical partner of the Chantiers de l'Atlantique and of the DCNS, the French Naval Construction Group.


SNEF operates in all Energy markets. For Nuclear trades, SNEF has a dedicated network of specialized agencies, as well as Large Project teams to better assist its major customers, EDF, Areva and CEA.
SNEF is also involved in Photovoltaics, Marine Renewable Energy and Hydropower.


For more than 50 years, SNEF has been a recognized player in a wide array of industries, ranging from Petrochemicals and Chemicals to the Steel Industry, and including not only the Automotive, Cement, and more broadly the Materials markets but also the Pharmaceutical and Agri-food sectors. With a great capacity for engineering and design, our lines of business have evolved from electrical engineering to mechanics, automation, instrumentation and command & control. SNEF has 3 subsidiaries specializing in robotics (Firac), industrial computing (SNEF Technologies) and specific electromechanical and electronic solutions (Ciel). SNEF has an extensive knowledge of the industry and a number of specialized teams.

Builging and Services

Changes in work environments, the need for energy management, the safety and security of people and goods, computer science, and the connected objects revolution have put technical work packages at the core of buildings. SNEF has naturally established itself as a player in this transition, with the capacity to design and manage high and low voltage installations, as well as indoor climate engineering systems. SNEF brings a culture of high standards and technology to this rapidly evolving sector including health facilities, retail premises, office buildings and more generally to the service industry. SNEF can take on separate or comprehensive work packages, or act as a general contractor. In addition, our SNEF Design & Build teams, considering technical work packages as keys to the renovation of buildings, propose turnkey solutions that include summary reports, general contracting and worksite management. Lastly, our management of multi-technical facilities maintenance and operations comes as an extension of our traditional activities.


SNEF offers indoor or outdoor solutions for public and private infrastructures. SNEF works with State or Local Authorities whenever public lighting, traffic management, Smart City and urban transport projects, buildings, parking lots or road infrastructure, and multi-technical skills are concerned. SNEF also plays an active role in port and airport infrastructures.


A partner of all French telephone operators, SNEF can provide quick turnaround services on the entire territory, be it for the deployment of large-scale radio and fiber networks, the scheduling of upgrading campaigns, or the maintenance of active equipment.

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