An independent and forward-looking Group

Committed to upholding human values and enjoying a great capacity for adaptation, Groupe SNEF is resolutely looking forward to the future


Independence, Sustainability, Proximity and Vision

An independent Group,

for over 110 years...
  • With the entrepreneurial spirit as its main driver.
  • SNEF is a human-sized and accessible company, fully committed to a job well done.
  • With 70% recurring business, a geographical and
    sector-specific diversification, SNEF has adopted a risk management policy limiting the impact of large customers and projects.
  • Financially sound, SNEF has given itself the means to remain free to choose.

A French company,

human scaled and close to its customers...
  • In France and abroad, our network of agencies is run by responsible local management teams and ensures great operational flexibility with proximity and service in mind.
  • Its matrix organization enables the seamless dissemination of good practices and skills.
  • A Key Account approach alllows us to work with one voice with our national and international customers.

A long-established and
sustainable company,

with recognized know-hows...
  • 100% French capital, 20% employee share ownership and a stable management.
  • With a background originating in the exacting worlds of the Navy and the Industry.
  • Reliable and backed by a wide array of design engineering and execution skills.
  • SNEF is a solid company that places the strictest quality standards at the heart of its concerns.

A forward-looking company,

at the heart of technological developments...
  • Always in search of excellence.
  • Engaged in an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach.
  • A player in the digital revolution and in energy efficiency.
  • SNEF offers a synergy of expertise bringing Energy, Telecommunications and Information Technologies together.


Committed to a dynamic of continuous progress

Groupe SNEF has been providing services in the field of Energy and Industrial Processes to its customers and partners since 1905.

SNEF was born in the Port of Marseille, as a ship's electrician. In the post-war years, the development of the company on France's ports and naval dockyards led to its rapid expansion. In this dynamic, SNEF naturally turned to industries developing along the French coast, thus becoming a recognized player in the fields of electrical engineering, instrumentation, and command & control.

In the 80s, SNEF diversified its activities into other sectors of the Industry, then to the Tertiary and Telecommunications markets, in a continuous expansion of its network of branches and agencies throughout the entire territory.

In 40 years, SNEF has established operations in 14 countries, first to assist its major French customers, and then to establish a long-lasting presence.

A human scale, forward-looking and environmentally responsible French company, SNEF is an eco-responsible player looking forward to the future. A leader in the Energy market, Groupe SNEF owes its longevity to its expertise and to the values it endorses: careful listening, effective guidance and proximity. Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority.

With the expertise of its 9,000 employees, Groupe SNEF generates some 900 million euros in revenues.

In 2014, SNEF launched the Phare Project, a transformation plan to prepare the company and its employees for a new cycle o development. Resolutely turned towards Conquest and entrepreneurship, the project led to the strengthening of the business structures with the creation of 6 specialty brands, the establishment of a division specializing in Large Projects, and the creation of a Business Development Division organized by sectors and Key Accounts.


Independent albeit under rigorous governance

Jean-Pierre Dréau
Stéphane Corteel
Chief Executive Officer
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President
Vice President Compliance Officer
Général Adjoint

Although independent, SNEF is committed to a high
level of governance which includes :

  • A Board of Directors consisting by more than half of independent directors, complying with all legal requirements in terms of parity and governed by an Internal Charter;
  • An Audit Committee, and a Nomination and Remuneration Committee;
  • The separation of the roles of Chairman and Chief Executing Officer;
  • An Executive Committee comprised of the Group's EVPs.


Proximity services in France...

In France, a network of long-established agencies enables each region to benefit from the local presence of agencies specializing in Low Voltage (SNEF Connect), Indoor Climate Engineering (SNEF Clim), Maintenance (SNEF Maintenance) and General Contracting projects (SNEF Design & Build).

At the national level, we have adopted a Key Account approach managed by a centralized Business Development team to better fulfill the needs of our major customers throughout the country.

Finally, our Telecommunications and Nuclear activities are organized independently, to better meet the specificities of each sector, each concentrated around a limited number of players to whom we propose a national approach.

... and abroad

SNEF has extended its expertise to the international market along two axes :

A geographical axis: SNEF has set-up long-term operations in Africa, Eastern Europe and South America, where services similar to those developed in France are offered. Our local clients are partners benefiting from the same proximity and service logic as they would in France.

A trade axis: SNEF is a recognized player in the Automotive, Cement and Materials, Oil & Gas, and Nuclear fields. Our teams can intervene anywhere in the world, either on an ad-hoc or long-term basis, to assist the major players of these sectors in continuity with the relationships developed in France as well as in Eastern Europe, South America and Africa.